restaurants in Madeira Beach

Restaurants in Madeira Beach: Where the locals go

After a day at the beach, it helps to know what bars & restaurants are where. Florida beaches have a lot to offer, but you could pass an opportunity up and not know it. This is why our guide is here to help. The best restaurants in Madeira Beach are the ones that you can typically find locals at.

Today, we’re going to discuss one of these restaurants.

The Lucky Lizard Tap House: Restaurants in Madeira Beach

The Lucky Lizard is a local favorite and where visitors get a chance to try spiked seltzer and locally brewed craft beers for the first time. We’re also one of the areas only “scratch kitchens”. Scratch kitchens like the Lizard offer fresh plates made up by the chef right on the spot. You’ll find typical menu items, but each day also comes with a wonderful surprise. Locals love it, and visitors also find the Lizard ideal and easy to get comfortable in. You can too.

The Atmosphere

The open-air design of our restaurant is a reminder of how inspiring natural beach scenes are. Though quiet and personal, the Lizard relies on the outdoor elements of Madeira Beach to create your experience. The bar gives you the best of both worlds. It’s situated at a large opening in the restaurant’s wall. This “window-top bar” allows you to sit outside while our super-friendly servers remain indoors. The Lizard is dog friendly and painted with a sea green you won’t miss. Smoking is not allowed inside.


Often called “beach eats,” you’ll find a full menu here.

Restaurants in Madeira Beach are diverse, and the Lizard’s aim is to be applicable to all types of eaters. Children and adults have enough to choose from, but this doesn’t limit your likely experience within the shop’s scratch sessions. Any day could be a display of seafood or something quickly prepared on the grill. You will find:

• Charcuterie: A simple dish of cheese and meat can make a quick visit worth it. This appetizer is served with your choice of bread or crackers, and it might be a good balance with wine or beer.
• Spicy Corn Dip: This creamy dip mixes the sweetness of corn with the tang of a spicy additive. The spice corn dip is scooped by tortilla chips or your choice of crostini.
• Mojo Pulled Pork: Sour cream and pickled red onions give this pulled pork an exciting, savory flavor. This dish is served with queso fresco and jalapenos.
• Seared Ahi Tuna: Here’s a hefty plate that can be served as a salad or a complete entrée. Avocados, cabbage and wasabi give the tuna a wider flavor spectrum and great garnishes.


There are both house and specialty wines at the Lizard. The common variety is a white wine collection that spans from Moscato to Pinot Grigio. The list of reds is hefty and can be bought as single glasses or full bottles. Making things just a bit more exotic is possible via the bar’s selection of sangria. This includes mimosas and sweet Carolinas. The restaurant’s craft beers are also eclectic, being brewed both locally and nationally.

Here’s what the Lizard has to offer:

• Porters: This 18-century beer of Europe has a distinct, dark hue with thick foam and, at times, a chocolaty flavor. Hops are used in these beers to give them their malt-brown tint.
• IPAs: Some think of IPAs as “common beer” due to their popularity. This is a very hoppy beer that has generated the name of pale ale.
• Ciders: Ciders have a similar alcohol content as beer has, but the ingredients are different. With ciders, a specific fruit is also fermented for flavor and a good buzz.
• Hefeweizen: This specifically means “yeast wheat” in German. Its simple ingredients create unique scents of vanilla, cloves and bananas.

Live Entertainment

Local musicians are always playing at the Lizard. You can expect multiple entertainers throughout the week.

At times, a collaboration of different artists will play. On Thursdays, DJ Trivia gets people in the mood, and you can be assured that dancing will break out. There’s always a full calendar of talent lined up at this fun, friendly bar. Sports nights bring locals together to watch football and championship competitions (let’s go Chiefs!). You’ll even find karaoke nights full of new faces to meet.

Where to Find the Action

Among the top restaurants in Madeira Beach, the Lizard might become your go-to. You can access it from John’s Pass or Treasure Island. For more information visit the Lucky Lizard Tap House website, or contact us at (727)-954-8618. Our staff is incredibly friendly, and any planned evening will surely be memorable.